Cosmic Love

They synergy of our energy

Is breath-taking

I stand in awe of who we’ve become

It’s a way of being that is beyond

The vibes of this dimension

You are seriously everything

Yet nothing to me

It’s unexplainable

This becoming

Of oneness

This present moment bliss

You complement the mystery

Of who I am

There’s a knowing

That existed before this time

And the closer

We are

The clearer the vision

Of yesterday’s love

A familiar feeling

Yet, an unexplainable


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In our relationship

I was trying to be God

I wanted to breathe life into your soul

Correct all your flaws

Shape and mold you into the man

I deemed perfect for me

I was obsessed

Constantly thinking about

Who you should

And could not be

But who was I

To judge

Who was I

To criticize

And attempt to recreate

God’s divine masterpiece

Who was I

That I could not accept


The man who was created

With no imperfections

But was born



And complete

I was trying to be God

I couldn’t love you

Because I was living in the context of me

Leave My Sh!t Alone

1 in 4 women have experienced rape or attempted rape during their lifetimes, according to several national U.S. surveys. *MeToo Movement

So what I went to your house at 1:00 in the morning

So what I traveled from Brooklyn to Queens

Because I believed you when you said all we gonna do is watch a little TV

So what I felt comfortable in your space and fell asleep on your sheets

And so what, I only knew you for about two weeks

Still I didn’t give you permission to fu<k with my sh!t


So what I believed in your silky smooth words

That was hot enough to melt my heart and put my trust in you

So what I believed I would be safe in your space

Because of all the hours we spent texting on the phone

So what my stupidity got the best of me

And I was seduced by your charm rather than your sincerity

Still I didn’t give you permission to fu<k with my sh!t


Did it make you more of a man to startle me in my sleep

Because you experienced a rise between your thighs

Did it make you more of a man

To ignore the tears streaming in my cries

Did it make you more of a man

To take what God blessed as mines

Will if it did

I’m sorry for denying you the diamonds between my thighs

Because I didn’t know it was my duty to give up the booty

Still I didn’t give you permission to fu<k with my sh!t


So what I went to your house at 1:00 in the morning

Does that fact acquit you of your sin

Does time make it okay for you to fu<k with my stuff

And expect me to keep it on the hush hush

Does my gullibility make you the victim and me the villain

Well if it does, I’m sorry for hurting you

For wounding your manhood because I was misunderstood

I sorry for being the B!tch that wouldn’t willingly except your golden d!ck

Next time , just leave my sh!t alone

We Are One

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We are all uniquely different

But the heart of who we are

As cosmic beings is the same

We all share the same story

We all want to feel we matter

We all want to feel a sense of belonging

And we all want to be loved

I believe

When we are vulnerable

About who we are

And what we want

We can heal

And transform


And others


To a higher state

Of consciousness