Finding the Light Within: A Journey of Cosmic Healing

I remember as a young adult sitting in the church pews in awe of the parishioners who courageously shared their stories of pain. I connected to pieces of their stories and in doing so, I didn’t feel like I was the “only one” who was dealing with issues of self-worth.

I appreciated their willingness to share a part of themselves most people would hide. It was their willingness to be vulnerable that allowed me to be introspective and examine the “whys” of my life.  

Why did I lack confidence? Why was I afraid of what people thought of me?  Why did feel like I did not matter? Why was I insecure about my thin frame, and dark skin? Why did I feel unworthy?

I did not become aware of my worth until I began to connect with God. When I knew God, I understood the truth. And the truth was, I did not feel worthy because I did not know who I was.

The Koran says, “The truth has come, and falsehood has vanished.”  When I opened my heart to the truth which is God, my journey of cosmic healing and self-transformation began. I no longer wanted to live my life from a state of false beliefs and wounded thinking.

Of course, it was not an overnight transformation and it wasn’t a cheap transformation either. But when you want to heal the wounded parts of yourself, you invest “in yourself.”

I was remined of the scripture, Romans 12:2, “… be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” I knew if I wanted to transform my life, I had to do something.

Hence, I spent thousands of dollars on personal coaching, therapy, and self-development seminars to heal my cosmic ignorance. I surrounded myself with like-minded people, read books and engaged in spiritual practices to help me stay grounded. With time, I began to love and value myself on a cosmic level.

Embracing the light within

Tau Malachi, says in his book, Living Gnosis, “… knowledge of self leads to divine illumination.” Liberating my mind through coaching and therapy allowed me to live my life from a higher state of cosmic consciousness. I became aware of who I was in the the eyes of God; A conscious being of light.

I was empowered by this “knowing” and I ‘ve learned to tap into this beautiful vibration within to create a magical life for myself.

Of course, my journey has not been free of breakdowns. I’ve had to overcome relationship, financial and emotional challenges. However, I’ve learned breakdowns are essential to the healing process. So instead of having an emotional fit, whenever something goes wrong in my life, I learn the cosmic lesson and move on. And I always remember at the other end of the tunnel miraculous breakthroughs are waiting.

Cosmic Assignment

If you are ready to begin your cosmic journey of healing, take some time to answer the questions below. Have a notebook and pencil handy so you can write down what shows up for you. Be aware of what you see, feel, and hear. Be honest with yourself and allow the truth to be revealed. If you feel it’s necessary, seek the support of trained practitioners to help you transmute those negative thoughts and feelings. This is beginning of a beautiful journey of light for you.

Cosmic Questions

  • What are my fears? Surrender your fears to the Universe. Let them go.
  • What do I blame myself for? What do I feel guilty about? Accept that these things happened and forgive yourself.
  • What are my disappointments? Accept all aspects of who you are. There is no failure there is only feedback.
  • What am I sad about? Let the pain go. Focus on happy, joyous moments. Smile and feel the love.
  • What lies have I told myself? Release the lies and create empowering I am statements. I am a radiant and divine being, and there is healing power within me. I am successful in all that I do and nothing is impossible for me.